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Agroforestry Project

The Bura envionment has suffered because many trees have been disappeared since humans began inhabiting the Taita Hills.  Fields have been cleared for farming and many trees have been cut down for firewood, needed for both heat and cooking.
The Kenyan population is beginning to realize that trees are needed to protect the environment and prevent erosion, so major tree planting programs are underway.  GNBA members communicate with Bura's Muugano Enviroment Group which organizes community wide tree plantings twice a year.  GNBA helps with an annual donation to the purchase of seedlings.  When GNBA members visit Bura, they often participate in tree plantings to honor various occasions and people.  
The Muugano Environment Group has planted napier grass along the banks of a small local river to help prevent erosion in addition to hundreds of trees, many of which are providing fruit to both humans and animals.  GNBA supports efforts to educate the population about the importance of the trees as well as the importance of maintaining a clean environment.  Public efforts at roadside clean up and disposal are still  in their infancy in Bura.
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