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Orphans' & Vulnerable Children






Kenyan elementary schools are free, but students are required to wear uniforms. Often, orphans' adopted families cannot afford to provide these in addition to food and shelter.  Without schooling, these children run the risk of falling into desperate patterns that can result in many family and societal challenges, including exposure to and acquiring HIV/Aids. For only $25, a child can receive a uniform, a sweater and a backpack, and attend school.  GN/BA has set the goal of insuring all orphans in the area have uniforms to attend school.

     Kenyan high schools require fees and school uniforms.  The government pays a portion of school fees and families are required to pay a portion as well.  GNBA is assisting by providing school uniforms and helping with school fees for orphans whose caretakers cannot handle this expense, as well as for orphans who are living in child headed households.

      GNBA sponsors two annual one day retreats for the high school age orphens it helps.  One retreat is for both boys and girls.  The second is for girls and attempts to address cultural and

gender-specific issues which make it harder for them to remain in school and find employment.

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