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Visitors and Training Programs

People from Bura have visited the Newburyport area through several GNBA sponsored training programs.  There have been visits by teachers, farmers, health workers and community leaders who have taken part in programs in organic farming practices, HIV/Aids awareness training, women's leadership training, community leadership training and sharing teaching experiences.
Many people from Newburyport contributed to Heifer International resulting in the delivery of cows, goats and bees to Bura, along with training programs in animal husbandry.
Visitors from Newburyport to Bura have taken part in helping lay the foundation for two medical clinics and have taught at the Bura Primary School.  GNBA members have made presentations at an annual retreat for orphan girls.  They conducted HIV/Aids awareness programs and introduced an e-learning program.  They have taken part in many community activities including meetings with the Mseto Orphens' Caretakers group, the Mwengere Self Help Group the Muugamo Agriculture Group They have visited and given support to 12 schools, 3 clinics and a nearby hospital.  Their support has inspired a school wide GNBA Soccer Tournament for children up to age 12  Members have occasionally been present at playoffs where they delivered awards and trophies.
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